Celeb Guests in OLIVIUM

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Celeb Guests in OLIVIUM

Below are some of the celebrities who stayed at Olivium for their postnatal care.

  • So Yihyeon and Lee Gyojin
    The celebrity couple, who won much popularity with their first daughter, Haeun, through SBS’ The Return of Superman, stayed at Olivium and used the Olivine spa services after their second daughter, Haengbok, was born.
  • Haha and Byeol
    The popular celebrity couple,
    entertainer Haha and his wife and singer Byeol, stayed at Olivium after their second child, Soul, was born.
  • Jeong Joguk and Kim Seongeun
    The famous soccer player and his actress wife stayed at Olivium for postpartum care after their second child, Chukbok, was born.
  • Park Haeil and Seo Yuseon
    Park Haeil, who is always praised for his big screen performances, stayed at Olivium with his writer wife, Seo Yuseon, after their second child was born.
  • Song Yeongbin and Yu Hyeyeong
    Dr. Song Yeongbin and SBS anchorwoman Yu Hyeyeong, who frequently appeared on a popular show on relationships, stayed at Olivium for their postnatal care. Mrs. Yu succeeded in breastfeeding her child for an entire year with the help of Olivium Lactation Consulting Center and benefitted much from Olivine Spa’s D2S Program, which helped her return to her prepregnancy body in no time.

Celeb Guests in Olivine

Below are some of the celebrities who used Olivine Spa.

  • Yeom Yongseok
  • Jeong Jiyeong
  • Jang Seonggyu
  • Shin Wooshik
  • So Yihyeon and Lee Gyojin
  • Shin Soyul
  • Chu Suhyeon
  • Kim Giri
  • Park Jeonga
  • Ahn Munsuk
  • Bae Giseong
  • Han Sangjin
  • Yu Byeongjae
  • Park Sangwon
  • Kim Yeongho
  • Hong Yeojin
  • Lee Gyeongjin
  • Park Seungtae
  • Kim Haneul