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Olivium FeatureOlivine Spa’s Prenatal and Postnatal Body Management Programs

The prenatal and postnatal programs at Olivine Spa offer treatments and activities tailored to each mother’s needs and conditions. The spas, which boast of décor and facilities of a class equivalent to that of the most luxurious hotels in Korea, provide programs that can quickly improve mothers’ conditions. Olivine Spas’ therapists are all experts in their respective fields with more than 10 years of work experience. Mothers are free to select their therapists. The systematic prenatal and postnatal body management programs available from Olivine are designed to promote blood circulation, facilitate waste discharge, relax muscles, and reduce body fat content. These programs are,unsurprisingly, very popular among mothers.

  • OLIVINE Spa: Class
    Treatment rooms, products, and programs of the same kinds seen at Korea’s most luxurious hotels
  • OLIVINE Spa: Satisfaction
    Satisfactory prices, excellent treatment methods and techniques, and superior customer services
  • OLIVINE Spa: Safety
    Dermatologically tested brand-name products and professional therapists with extensive training in international prenatal and postnatal care programs

Olivine Open Care


A comprehensive scope of care that caters to the well-being of not only mothers but also fathers

At Olivine Spa, we use only the best products from well-established aesthetic brands, such as Switzerland’s Le Nouvel and France’s Bernard Cassiere, for our clients.