Lactation Consulting Center

Olivium Lactation Consulting Center

Our Lactation Consulting Center is open to all mothers.
Our lactation experts provide detailed education on breastfeeding and breast management for all mothers, including those staying at Olivium Postnatal Care Center, who are struggling with breastfeeding issues.

Exclusively for Women

Mothers cannot forget the first moment that they hold their newborns in their arms and feed them their first food from their mothers’ breasts. However, breastfeeding can be a nightmare because of milk supply shortage, chronic and repeated mastitis, and other such issues. Olivium Lactation Consulting Center is here to help struggling mothers by helping them breastfeed their children with only joy and comfort, free from pain.

Returning Joy to Breastfeeding

Contrary to popular portrayals of breastfeeding as comforting and pleasant, breastfeeding can be a source of great pain and discomfort for many new mothers because of pain and engorgement in the breasts, mastitis, and other infections and inflammations. Professional help and systematic care are essential to help mothers avoid these problems and enjoy breastfeeding as they should. Olivium Lactation Consulting Center, with its breastfeeding experts and services of highest quality, can return joy to breastfeeding.


The industry’s most reliable experts and experienced specialists
The lactation consultants at Olivium boast of the best skills and most extensive experiences found in the industry. Center Director Baek Yunhee, one of “the masters” of the SMC breast management technique, and other lactation consultants who have built their careers and reputations for decades have been met with enthusiastic responses and support from mothers.
Personalized care for painless breastfeeding
Lactation consultants with extensive experiences and knowledge carefully examine each mother’s conditions and tailor their services to each mother’s needs. Breastfeeding can be almost as painful as the labor process itself, but Olivium Lactation Consulting Center will soon help you forget the pain and enjoy breastfeeding as you should.
Partnership with Medical Staff
Pain from breast engorgement, mastitis, and other such symptoms of inflammation sometimes require medical intervention over and beyond lactation consulting and massages. Olivium provides effective and prompt intervention for suffering mothers through its partnership with the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Seran General Hospital.

Lactation Center Special Programs

  • Prenatal Program
    (for pregnant women only)

    Facilitating blood circulation through the breasts /
    Preventing breast engorgement /
    Breast management

  • Postnatal Program
    (two or three days after delivery)

    Preventing breast engorgement and mastitis /
    Increasing/decreasing milk supply /
    Correct breastfeeding posture coaching

  • Periodical Management Program
    (after mothers leave Olivium)

    Preventing and treating medical conditions /
    Improving the quality of breast milk

  • Delactation Program

    Balance-type management and other treatments
    for returning confidence to women

  • Total Care Program

    A special course of treatments for restoring the nipples and breasts
    that have suffered during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  • Special Management Program

    Facilitating water and lymphatic fluid circulation
    Reducing mastitis, controlling pores,
    and enhancing skin firmness

- The best time to start on these programs is two to four weeks after giving birth.
- Each session lasts for 30 min to an hour.
- Each program involves 10 or so sessions.
- For inquiries and booking, call: +82-2-397-5638.

Lactation Consulting Center Massages

Prenatal Breast Massage
A specialist carefully examines the mother-to-be’s breast conditions and provides systematic massages, chiefly aimed at enhancing blood circulation through the breasts, to prevent breast engorgement and facilitate breastfeeding after childbirth.
Postnatal Breast Massage
Postnatal breast massages are mainly aimed at facilitating milk flow and preventing and treating engorgement and other common problems women may experience while breastfeeding. Failure to empty out the breasts when colostrum is made can lead to breast engorgement and pain. Our postnatal massages gently relieve women of pain and swelling, helping them breastfeed their babies with comfort and ease.
Breast Engorgement Massage
Women begin to lactate 30–40 hr after they give birth. Failure to empty out the breasts while lactation begins and colostrum is produced can lead to breast engorgement, which often accompanies extreme pain and fever. Leaving this condition untreated can lead to more serious conditions such as mastitis and other inflammations in the breasts. Early intervention in the form of massages can facilitate milk flow and relieve women of pain.
Delactation Massage
Delactation, or weaning, exerts as much impact upon mothers’ health as does breastfeeding. When mothers decide to stop breastfeeding their babies, the milk remaining in mothers’ breasts can lead to a host of breast-related health issues and even make it impossible for mothers to breastfeed their next babies. Delactation massages are crucial in emptying the breasts of all the remaining milk and restoring health and firmness to them.
Mastitis Prevention Massage
Mastitis during breastfeeding refers to a wide range of inflammatory symptoms that women experience in their breasts because of infection. As babies bite the nipples while feeding, the scars on the nipples can become channels through which bacteria and viruses may penetrate, causing acute mastitis in women. Massages can help prevent and mitigate the symptoms of mastitis, but medical intervention may also be necessary.

* Olivium Lactation Consulting Center provides systematic and optimal breast management programs for women with diverse needs and conditions and promptly refers women to professional medical help when medical intervention is needed.

Professional Staff

Baek Yunhee, Lactation Consulting Center Director

  • – Breastfeeding massage and posture coaching expert
  • – With 17 years of experience in breastfeeding coaching
  • – Has helped over 10,000 mothers breastfeed their babies
  • - Former Director, Angel Breastfeeding Research Institute
  • - Former Director, Marge Postnatal Care Center
  • - Former Director, Hu Postnatal Care Center
  • - Former Director, J Women’s Postnatal Care Center
  • - Former Director, Jasmine Postnatal Care Center

Yang Migyeong, Lactation Specialist Team Manager

  • – Delactation specialist
  • - With 10 years of experience in breastfeeding coaching
  • – Has helped over 2,000 mothers stop breastfeeding
  • Worked as a nurse at
  • - Daejeon University Medical Center
  • - Eulji Hospital;
  • - Hu Postnatal Care Center
  • - J Women’s Hospital
  • - Now leads the team of lactation experts at Olivium Postnatal Care Center

Jeong Honggyu, MD, Medical Advisor and Breast Surgery Specialist

Surgery Specialist

  • - Chief of Surgery, Seran Hospital
  • - Former Associate Professor, Breast and Thyroid Center, Department of Surgery, Soon Chun Hyang Medical Center
  • - Former Specialist, Breast and Thyroid Center, Department of Surgery, Soon Chun Hyang Medical Center
  • - Surgery Specialist
  • - Member, Korean Surgical Society
  • - Member, Korean Breast Cancer Association
  • - Member, Korean Association of Thyroid and Endocrine Surgeons
  • - Member, Korean Association of Research on Breast Cancer Survivors
  • - Member, Korean Hereditary Breast Cancer Society